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Thoroughly Cleaning Sewer Lines for St. Ann Residents

AA Quick Plumbing and Drain Cleaning has more than 40 years of experience in the plumbing and rooter business. Our St. Ann company provides sewer repair and cleanout services. Whether there’s a clog and sewage backup in your bathroom or evidence of tree roots in sewer line pipes, we have the equipment and training to complete the necessary pipe locating, clearing, sewer replacement and repiping. When possible, we’ll provide sewer line cleaning to prevent more expensive steps.

Clearing Pipes When You Need It Most

Unfortunately, many objects get flushed or washed into the plumbing. When you’re having trouble with clogged lines, our service may include a video inspection and the use of an auger or snake to unclog the pipes. Visit with our technicians to learn more.

Common Sources of Trouble

If you find that the water is backing up when you go to use the sink in your home, one of the following problems is probably to blame.

  • The most common source of problems is blockage. These clogs are often the result of flushing or rinsing the wrong substances into the pipes.
  • Another likely source of trouble comes from the trees in or around your yard. Tree roots can grow into small cracks in the pipes and cause blockage, or they might wrap around the lines, crushing them or causing other damage.
  • Aging pipes may break down, collapsing or falling apart. This scenario can lead to the need for extensive repairs. Visit with professionals to learn how to prevent damage.
Sewer line repair

Contact Us in the Creve Coeur and Maryland Heights Areas

From locating a clog inside your home to clearing out a clogged line, we can get your water flowing freely once again. Call AA Quick Plumbing and Drain Cleaning in St. Ann, Maryland Heights and Creve Coeur at 314-429-7131. We’ll respond quickly to resolve your plumbing troubles. Ask about our water heater replacement service.

24-Hour Emergency Service

7 Days a Week

Family Owned & Operated Since 1969

All of our workers are professional, courteous & experienced in safety & job completion. We clean our mess!